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Medicare Pays 100%

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Best Home Health has been serving the Oklahoma counties of Cleveland, Lincoln, Payne, Oklahoma, and Pottawatomie for nearly two decades. With our multidisciplinary, Medicare-certified team of clinicians, we bring many of the services of a hospital or nursing facility into the cost-saving comfort of your own home. Through ongoing nursing and therapy visits, we also extend the care of your own doctors into your home, on your schedule. Services can be ordered through your doctor’s office or as part of discharge from inpatient facilities. Our home health model of care delivery can ensure patient safety while at home, optimize treatment outcomes, prevent unnecessary hospitalization or urgent care, and shorten inpatient stays that do occur.

We can coordinate orders from your doctor for you. If you or someone you care for may benefit from home nursing or rehab, please contact us.

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Medicare pays 100% for Home Health in Chandler OK

Medicare Pays 100%

Best Home Health accepts original Medicare as 100% payment for our services. To qualify, patients must have a need for the skilled services of a nurse or therapist. They must also have an illness or injury making it difficult or ill-advised to leave the home, such that the help of a device or another person is needed to leave the home, and that trips away from the home are therefore infrequent and short. Best Home Health also works with Wellcare and Blue Cross. Please contact us to discuss coverage and qualifications. We're happy to help.

Best home health nurse in Chandler OK

Always Prompt Service

Medicare Compare shows that Best Home Health provides timely starts of care 100% of the time.* This exceeds the average in Oklahoma and across the United States. Whether it's starts of care, scheduled routine visits, or after-hours calls to our on-call nurses, you can count on Best Home Health to be ready to serve.

*Data collected September 24, 2022

On-call home health nurse in Chandler, OK

On Call 24 / 7 / 365

At Best Home Health, a nurse is on call for our patients every hour of every day: mornings, nights, weekends, and holidays. When our patients have urgent health concerns, an experienced home health nurse is only a phone call away. The Best Home Health on-call nurse will provide advice, coordinate with your doctor as needed, and even make unscheduled home visits. This service provides peace of mind, reduces unnecessary trips to the ER, and protects the health of our patients.

Wound-care certified home health nursing in Chandler OK

Wound-care Certified Home Health Nursing

Best Home Health nurses have certification in wound care. This represents specialty training in the care of wounds such as pressure sores and surgical sites. This training goes above and beyond the standard training and experience of home health nurses. Moreover, certification requires ongoing continuing education. You can count on Best Home Health for industry-leading, state-of-the-art care when it comes to post-surgical home health and managing decubitus ulcers.

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Headquartered in Chandler Oklahoma, the nurses of Best Home Health live throughout the counties we serve.
Cleveland County
Lincoln County
Oklahoma County
Payne County
Pottawatomie County

We send home health nurses and therapists to the homes of patients throughout cities and communities of Chandler, Prague, Stroud, Stillwater, Cushing, Perkins, Yale, Oklahoma City, Shawnee, Tecumseh, and many more.

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