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Medicare Pays 100%

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Best Home Health sends nurses and therapists to the homes of patients in the Oklahoma counties of Cleveland, Lincoln, Oklahoma, Payne, and Pottawatomie. Our skilled home health services help patients recover from illness or injury in the lower-cost comfort of their own homes. In fact, when patients meet Medicare's qualifications, Best Home Health accepts the Medicare payment as payment in full. Patients do not have to worry about deductibles, co-pays, or cost sharing of any kind.

Patients who qualify have a right to skilled care at home and a right to choose their own home health agency. Please contact Best Home Health to learn more.

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Home Health Disciplines

Multidisciplinary Care

With an industry-leading clinical experience per clinician, Best Home Health coordinates the care of multiple healthcare disciplines. This way, we ensure each treatment in your home health plan of care is delivered by the clinician most qualified for the task.

In-home nursing in Chandler OK

In-home Nursing

Our skilled nurses provide assessments, care planning, care coordination, patient/family education, hands-on medical treatments, and much more.

In-home Rehab in Chandler, OK

In-home Rehab

In combination with our home health nurses, our therapists can deliver a wide range of rehabilitation at home.

Wound-care certified home health nursing in Chandler OK

Wound-care Certified Home Health Nursing

Best Home Health nurses have certification in wound care. This represents specialty training in the care of wounds such as pressure sores and surgical sites. This training goes above and beyond the standard training and experience of home health nurses. Moreover, certification requires ongoing continuing education. You can count on Best Home Health for industry-leading, state-of-the-art care when it comes to post-surgical home health and managing decubitus ulcers.

From Chandler, Oklahoma
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Headquartered in Chandler Oklahoma, the nurses of Best Home Health live throughout the counties we serve.
Cleveland County
Lincoln County
Oklahoma County
Payne County
Pottawatomie County

We send home health nurses and therapists to the homes of patients throughout cities and communities of Chandler, Prague, Stroud, Stillwater, Cushing, Perkins, Yale, Oklahoma City, Shawnee, Tecumseh, and many more.

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